Solve Your Laboratory Storage Problems With A Mezzanine

You have started feeling the need for more storage space as your business grows. Storage solutions are needed to store equipment, supplies, manufactured products and other items. A laboratory has to store different types of chemicals in a safe and secure way. It is not necessary to move to a larger warehouse if you need more storage space now. Use the mezzanine flooring system to overcome your space crunch.

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Solve Your Storage Issues with a Mezzanine

This flooring system is erected with metal frames. Lodged between the high ceiling and floor, it creates lots of new space for storage and other applications. You can install all types of storage systems including the racks on the mezzanine, similar to how those items are placed on the floors. Now you will have an extra floor to store all your laboratory items. Your current warehouse space will be maximised with this simple and affordable solution

Reduce Your Cost

A mezzanine helps you avoid renting a larger warehouse when your storage space requirement grows. You can continue to use your current warehouse and avoid the cost of moving to a new warehouse.

Take Advantage of the Unused Space

The space that will be used to build the mezzanine at your warehouse presently remains unused. You do not have to change the main floor area to build a mezzanine. Simply build it on the current floor and you have a new storage space for your chemicals and other laboratory items. You only need sufficient vertical and horizontal spaces to build it.

This structure is made with high grade steel and is highly sturdy. You can place heavy metal racks and store items on it. Consult a specialist mezzanine maker to install it. The contractor will design your mezzanine keeping in mind the weight of all the items you want to place on this flooring system.

Quick and Easy Installation

Making a mezzanine does not require building a heavy concrete structure that takes months to build. This modular flooring system will be installed quickly by just assembling its different parts. The flooring system is constructed without changing the existing floor design. The contractor will minimise disruptions to your current operations as much as possible.

Customisable Design

It is a customised solution. The flooring system will be installed according to your specific needs and the current floor plan. The stairs can be customised to utilize the existing space efficiently. A big advantage of this structure is that you can dismantle it when relocating and install it quickly at the new place.

The mezzanine floor is perfect for the laboratories that have started feeling the need for more storage space. The mezzanine contractor will customise the design of this structure based on the load-bearing requirement, floor plan, available spaces in vertical and horizontal directions, and your budget. Create a bigger storage space without moving to a new warehouse or dismantling the existing one to create a bigger one. Simply install a mezzanine flooring system to overcome your storage space crunch.